Branding determines the language, look and feel of a business. An effective brand identity gives any business, whether large or small, a significant edge in the highly competitive market of today. It is the key link between the product and the user, and can engage customers on a more professional and/or personal level, giving them a sense of connection towards the brand that crosses the boundaries of mere business.

We focus on working with startups and fellow entrepreneurs with visions to create interesting brands and love to help them find their voice. We are inspired by the drive of these entrepreneurs and our partnerships with them have helped us grow as well. Our highly creative and proficient team works around the clock to solve complex problems and help established brands, and new brands alike, break new ground in the market. The prospect of defining a business through various creative and innovative ideas and designs actively excites us.

Identity Development

The Visual components that form a brand ties strongly into its overall identity and how it is perceived by the customers. We pay attention to how our clients like to define their brands visually, and get to work on translating that into a visual form, adding in our own distinct touches along the way. This includes logo designs, colours, iconography, imagery and much more.

Brand Strategy

We define a brand identity that resonates with the customers using various strategies on ideas and designs. We do this by extensively communicating with our clients, within our team and test audiences, determining the right ways to identify the brand for it’s concerned customers within the market. This way of ours properly helps the client build a loyal and personal base of customers.

Visual Language

A further exploration of the brand identity, we explore the various ways in which we can communicate a certain brand to its consumers. The visual language of the brand is therefore at the centre of this communication. We determine each logo design, colour, media content and look of each brand after extensive market research, team meetings and client communication.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines effectively serve as the reference point when devising social media marketing and website strategies, in order to maintain a uniform identity throughout it’s life. We make sure that the brands we work on are properly identified with a certain set of guidelines to help us solidify its presence in the market and in the minds of its customers.

There are three responses to a piece of design
- yes, no and WOW!

Wow is the one we aim for.

The essential stages of developing a brand