Media Productions

Every brand requires a story and the means to tell that story. Through social media, copywriting, designs, photos, videos and mere words, we capture the essence of the brand and spin stories that support its existence and have it be a marketable entity to its consumers. It is, in fact, the most engaging part of the brand’s identity, striking a chord with the right customers who get attracted by the story being written or told as such.

Our team consists of professionals who are experienced in each and every form of storytelling, from using words to using pictures to using talking pictures and animation. We determine what each brand requires in terms of content or media, and get to work on delivering it to our clients.


Photographs go a long way in communicating a particular idea or brand. These effectively work to represent our clients’ businesses in a simple yet beautiful form, and translate well on social media platforms like Instagram and facebook, as well as physical and traditional territories like hoardings and posters. Credot boasts of highly skilled photographers who are always reinventing their craft and shaping the brand stories of our clients in spectacular fashion.

Video Production

Some things are better communicated in a single frame, and some things are better communicated in multiple frames and moving pictures of sound and music. A properly produced video story goes a long way in helping customers form stronger bonds with a particular brand. We at Credot have successfully helped our clients run various video ad campaigns and social media posts that have helped tell their stories in creative and unique ways.


Words bring the voice of a brand to life. When customers read what is written as a brand’s story, it must properly translate the essence of the brand and why it exists. Good copywriting can go a long way in defining the style and tone of the brand for the future. It humanizes the brand and transforms the brand into more than just a service or product, but a feeling or emotion amongst its most loyal customers. They will be able to identify the existence of the brand just through it’s meticulously strung together words.

Social Media Content

A further exploration of the brand identity, we explore the various ways in which we can communicate a certain brand to its consumers. The visual language of the brand is therefore at the centre of this communication. We determine each logo design, colour, media content and look of each brand after extensive market research, team meetings and client communication.

Strategy, Creative, Pre-Production, Post-Production
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